When it comes to world news and domestic news, Republican Peak’s Critical News stories aim to be your source for current events from a Republican perspective. You can find honest, up-to-date content here, digging deeper to expose how liberal missteps can weaken America and damage our way of life.

At Republican Peak, we understand that the average American doesn’t feel heard; they see the American Dream slip through their fingers due to problems created by big government. We’re here to help the world change that by keeping you informed.

Woman Barely Escapes Kidnap Attempt

A terrified lady barely missed being abducted when she was on her way home soon after a night out on the town by a...

Warning Cries Grow As Israeli Military Plans To Advance

The Israel Defense Forces revealed last week that two hostages were rescued during an early morning operation in the southern city of Rafah on...

GOP Challenges Voting Laws In Major Shakeup

Election day of the calendar year 2023 occurred nearly two weeks ago. In a climate that was once again expected to favor Republicans (much...

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Kansas Reporter Sues After Police Raid Office

Phyllis Zorn, a reporter for the Marion County Record in Kansas, has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Marion and several local...

Cosmonaut Shatters Major Space Record

After more than 878 days, or nearly 2.5 years, in orbit, a Russian cosmonaut set a new record on Sunday. According to Roscosmos, Russia's space...

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Advocacy Group Spends Millions On Border Ad Buy

House Speaker Mike Johnson's allied lobbying organization will begin a $1.8 million ad campaign this week to encourage lawmakers to push for stricter border...

Democrat Mayor Turns Back Migrant Bus

In a bold move to prioritize the safety and well-being of his constituents, Mayor Sam Joshi of Edison, New Jersey, has taken a stand...

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