Nikki Haley Instantly Turns On Trump Obsessed Media Reporter

During a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley voiced her discontent with the media’s “perceived fixation” on former President Donald Trump. In response to a question about Trump’s campaign theme of retribution, Haley countered, asserting that everyday people are not as preoccupied with Trump as the media appears to be.

Haley emphasized that what matters to the American people are the issues that affect their daily lives, such as affordability, freedom, and the size of the government. She argued that the media’s constant focus on every word and tweet from Trump is tiresome and detracts from the real concerns of the people.

ABC News host Jonathan Karl defended his question, stating that he asked about Trump because he is currently the leading candidate that Haley is running against. However, Haley’s ally, New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, joined in the conversation, criticizing Trump for not addressing the issues he promised to tackle during his presidency.

Sununu pointed out that Trump avoids discussing topics like building the wall and securing the southern border because he failed to deliver on those promises. He also highlighted Trump’s failure to balance the budget despite claiming to be fiscally responsible. Sununu argued that Trump prefers to focus on retribution because it allows him to avoid taking responsibility for his failures.

Haley further challenged the media to ask Trump about his willingness to participate in Iowa and New Hampshire debates, where voters will be making their decisions. She suggested that instead of fixating on Trump’s every move, the media should focus on pressing him on important policy matters that directly impact the American people.

Haley’s endorsement by Sununu in the 2024 GOP primary race has boosted her standing in New Hampshire. However, according to a CBS News poll, she trails Trump by about 15 points, with 29 percent of the support.

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, Haley’s criticism of the media’s obsession with Trump highlights her desire to shift the focus back to the issues that matter most to the American people. Her call for a new generational leader who prioritizes fighting for the people and making a difference in their lives resonates with voters looking for a fresh approach to politics.