Michael Cohen’s TikTok Videos Could Impact Trump Trial Verdict, Experts Say

The TikTok fundraising videos of former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen may have wrecked New York’s prosecution of the ex-president, according to legal experts.

Michael Cohen was criticized by ABC for potentially making money off the Trump trial. According to the hours of his TikTok videos, Cohen seems to be financially benefiting from viewers’ contributions while he waits for his time to testify. During these livestreams, he discusses the trial that has already started.

Experts agree that the effort damages the credibility of a key witness in the case, even if it does not seem to violate any court order.

According to Andrew McCarthy, a former assistant US attorney, prosecutors will suffer from Cohen’s actions.

Cohen may have ruined the prosecution’s case, according to infamous attorney Michael Avenatti.

From his federal jail cell at the low-security federal prison at FCI Terminal Island in San Pedro, California, Avenatti made the statement that Michael Cohen may have just ruined the prosecution against Trump because of his selfishness and ego. Cohen’s inexperience and hubris make him very prone to making mistakes. (He also thought that Michael Cohen was “dumber than a box of rocks”) The state can’t win the case without him and because of his actions in reviewing trial evidence in violation of the court’s order.  He acknowledged that when he spoke with the media. Avenatti believes the court should declare a mistrial or remove him as a witness. Or both. It was not his place to provide commentary about the testimonies of other witnesses.

William A. Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, agreed that Cohen’s actions may have consequences.  Another issue is making money off of the trial. Jacobson explained that this would be good material for cross-examination.  Whether this complicates things for the jury is unknown.

Cohen has reportedly told ABC News that he would end the livestreams but did not believe he has done anything wrong.