Stormy Daniel’s Ex-Lawyer Slams Michael Cohen for Being a ‘Liar’

From behind bars, tarnished ex-attorney Michael Avenatti (53) has taken to social media to criticize convicted liar Michael Cohen.

Avenatti has been in prison since February 2022 and received a further fourteen-year sentence for stealing from clients, bringing his total term to 19 years without parole.

Last Saturday, Avenatti made a flurry of charges from his cell. He dared people to think about how unfair it is to be accused and then given no chance to defend themselves.

He wrote that the next time someone accuses you of anything, whether it’s a significant other,  friend, neighbor, coworker, or stranger, consider whether it would be acceptable if they could talk, accuse, or torment you while you were unable to answer or defend yourself. If you answered no, you should be upset that Trump can’t refute the nonsense claims made by Cohen and Daniels.

He reiterated his long-standing belief that Cohen was untrustworthy after Cohen’s testimony on Tuesday.  He said that Michael Cohen was a complete charlatan, a self-absorbed narcissist, and a liar. He had been saying this for six years, consistently.

Avenatti wrote that one can not overlook the X account called “Women for Cohen” and the seven hundred or so ludicrous and fake postings he created to portray himself as an accomplished lawyer, a sex icon, and so on. Does he blame Trump for that, too? (Laugh out loud!)

In last week’s tweets, Avenatti linked Stormy Daniels to a 2016 extortion plot involving Trump and accused Keith Davidson of lying, both of whom were crucial witnesses in Trump’s trial.

Avenatti said that Keith Davidson was a liar. Early in 2019, when Avenatti challenged Daniels with her own text messages, she revealed that she and Davidson were extorting Trump in October 2016. He terminated his relationship with Daniels in February 2019 for several reasons, including this.

Avenatti went on to accuse Stormy Daniels, his ex-client, of fraud and falsifying business records. He related an encounter he had with Sarah Gibson, a producer who had contacted him about being in a documentary concerning Daniels. Avenatti claims that Gibson disclosed a scheme to hide payments from Donald Trump and his attorneys while paying Daniels for the documentary.

Avenatti’s entire statement about Gibson is here.

Stormy Daniels was court-ordered to pay Donald Trump nearly $670,000 in legal fees. She has publicly sworn she would never pay him.