Democrat Susan Wild Changes Stance on Immigration Issue

A vulnerable Democrat in the swing state of Pennsylvania appears to have flip-flopped on immigration as she calls for action on the southern border. Rep. Susan Wild wrote an opinion piece saying there is “unquestionably” an immigration crisis despite previously dismissing Republican concerns and demands for a border wall as “silly.”

Rep. Wild wrote that everyone can agree illegal immigration has become a problem but blamed the lack of control on extremists and politicians pulling “cheap stunts.” The Democrat went on to state that moderate lawmakers from both sides are willing to work together to address the issue but are “held hostage.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has accused Wild of pretending to be a moderate and backpedaling on previous “extreme policies.” Prior positions include accusing the Trump administration of “discrimination” for adding questions about citizenship to the US census and co-sponsoring a bill preventing the President from imposing limitations on immigration. She also supported both of Donald Trump’s impeachments. Furthermore, Wild sponsored a bill aimed at combating “Islamophobia” in 2021.

Nevertheless, the lawmaker now believes that all Americans are feeling the impact of open borders and is urging Congressional colleagues to come together and devise “common sense” policies. Rep. Wild has co-signed a letter to President Biden asking him to use all tools at his disposal to bring order, and blaming House Speaker Mike Johnson for refusing to allow legislation on the House floor that would permit Democrats to take necessary action.

Polling in the Keystone State shows that Republicans are gaining the upper hand, and Trump is racing ahead of Biden. A New York Times survey closing on May 10 showed Trump ahead by 47% to 44%. Similarly, in late April, Emerson College placed the former President in front by 51% to 48%. One survey in mid-April saw Biden ahead 49% to 44%, and another put the contenders neck-and-neck on 48%.

Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and for President Biden in 2020.