World Boxing Champion Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated

Boxing superstar and former middleweight champion of the World Boxing Council Jermall Charlo has found himself in a slew of trouble this week, as he was arrested this past Monday in Texas on three misdemeanor charges which occurred not long after a related traffic collision.

On Monday night in Pearland, Texas, which lies just southeast of Houston, local authorities arrested Jermall Charlo on the counts of three misdemeanors. Those misdemeanors resulted in Charlo allegedly driving while intoxicated, eluding and evading arrest, and fleeing the scene of an accident that resulted in more than $200 worth of damage.

Late into Monday night, Pearland Police responded to the scene of a car accident that had just occurred in the area, when they discovered the 33-year-old boxer engaged in a heated argument with another motorist. Realizing that Pearland Police had arrived on the scene, Charlo hopped back into his luxurious and sporty Lamborghini, where Charlo further escalated the issue by fleeing the scene, leading to a high-speed chase between Charlo and local authorities.

Eventually, police officers managed to corner Charlo during the chase, and were finally able to arrest him, according to Pearland Police spokesperson Chad Rogers. A sobriety test was performed on Charlo, which identified that his blood alcohol content was 0.15%, which is almost twice the legal limit of 0.08% in the state of Texas.

The famous boxer was then put into handcuffs and booked into Brazoria County Jail, where Charlo was later released on a $9,500 surety bond.

In the past, Jemall Charlo has made headlines for many prestigious accomplishments. Charlo remains with a title score of 33-0, being undefeated in the World Boxing Council and representing a leading figure in the sport. He has not only drawn attention to himself for his many victories, but for his many high-profile matches. In 2021, Charlo was supposed to fight UFC’s Canelo Alvarez, however, those plans have fallen through.