Michael Avenatti ‘On the Fence’ About Who to Support in 2024 Elections

In addition to being one of former President Donald Trump’s most prominent adversaries throughout his administration, Michael Avenatti vociferously supported Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential nomination. Now, speaking to the media from his jail cell in California, he said that he couldn’t pick one or the other in the November election.

Avenatti was most critical of Biden on the border problem and the economy, which have led to voter worries in 2024 polls.

He thought the current border scenario was catastrophic. Someone would eventually cross the border into the US and commit a horrific act. He hoped that wouldn’t happen, but he believed it would happen eventually.

He then said that the state of the economy is a catastrophe.

Avenatti said, “Don’t believe your lying eyes,” is the current economic approach employed by the Biden administration. Whenever people go to the grocery store or gas station, they are repeatedly reminded that the economy is not good. And yet, the administration keeps trying to convince people.

Avenatti is serving a 19-year sentence for various criminal offenses, including tax evasion, extortion, embezzlement, and fraud. He is being detained at Terminal Island, a federal prison in Los Angeles, California, with minimal security.

Avenatti said he would be more than glad to testify on Trump’s behalf, but he did not know whether he would be summoned. He did say that he had been in contact with Trump’s defense for the greater part of the year. An unidentified person close to Trump has allegedly verified this.

In response to whether he believes Trump would be able to finish a second term in office if he were to be elected again, Avenatti refused to discuss the matter. However, he did caution that the avalanche of allegations brought against Trump this year might potentially play into his political hands.

Avenatti maintains that the grandstanding prosecutors seek attention at the expense of the American people by attempting to influence their vote between Trump and Biden. He said he never imagined that he would live to witness a day when several criminal cases would be initiated against a top presidential contender at the same time.