Activist Tries To Get Trump’s Hollywood Star Removed

An anti-Trump activist has made it his mission to get the star of former US President Donald Trump taken off the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In response to what many have called (erroneously) an insurrection and Trump’s “coup against the United States,” Andrew Rudick, a resident of the Hollywood Hills, believes Trump does not deserve to be on the Walk of Fame.

The idea to remove former president Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame garnered thousands of signatures on Rudick’s petition, which started in 2020.

The communicated message to the millions who have passed by that plaque since 2021 is “the city’s support of a guy who tried a coup against the United States,” Rudick told the Los Angeles City Council.

Trump’s 2007 star has been damaged and reinstalled many times. The Hollywood Historic Trust estimated that the cost to repair the anti-Trump damage on Trump’s Walk of Fame star since 2016 is over $20,000. An anti-Trump individual in 2020 was charged with a crime for attacking Trump’s star with a pickax and sledgehammer.

Someone selling Trump swag near the star commented that the vandals are much worse than Trump himself.

There is “no known precedence” for removing a star, according to Hugo Soto-Martinez, who serves the neighborhood and is a Los Angeles City Councilmember.

Leron Gubler, a former president and chief executive of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, claims that in 2015, the removal of comedian Bill Cosby was dismissed.

Trump received his star for his efforts on “The Apprentice” and the Miss Universe pageant in 2007. In January 2007, his star was erected at 6801 Hollywood Blvd., close to Highland Avenue.

People were still posing for photos near the 45th president’s star on Wednesday afternoon, regardless of the potential issue surrounding him. Opinions on whether the star should be permanently removed were divided.