Post Divorce, Ischa Fischer Spotted On Set Filming With George Clooney

The British set of the comedy-drama Jays Kelly has welcomed Isla Fisher back after she severed her relationship with her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen. While shooting in a forest, Fisher, 48, was seen with co-star George Clooney. 

In 2023, Fisher and Cohen shocked everyone by announcing their split with an Instagram photo of themselves dressed as tennis players.

After relocating their family to Australia in 2020, Cohen encountered challenges, and Fisher’s embarrassment about the assertions in Rebel Wilson’s biography, Rebel Rising, grew. Wilson called Cohen an a$$hole and forced her to do an embarrassing nude scene in the movie Grimsby.

Despite this, the couple’s love for one another remains strong, and they keep in regular contact. After Fisher’s father Brian’s death in January 2023, speculations circulated last year that the pair’s marriage was on the rocks. The death caused her to reassess her life. In addition, the revelations in Wilson’s book also created a divide.

In response to Rebel Rising, Wilson received notes from other women; however, it does not seem that these ladies are accusing the Borat star of anything untoward.

Wilson said that Cohen would ask her to undress for certain scenes and perform an intimate act with his rear end on camera, believing it would be funny. According to Wilson, she developed terrible eating habits due to the disdain she felt from these activities.

Wilson said she, after several rewrites, she agreed to slap him on the butt.

Shortly after Wilson’s accusations appeared after the US publication of her book, Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher announced their split. An unfortunate situation caused a slight delay in the release of Rebel Rising in the UK and Australia, but it is anticipated to be resolved soon.

According to Wilson’s spokeswoman, extensive evidence, including contemporaneous documentation, video footage, and witness testimony, proves her accusations. Not long ago, she took to social media to respond to the claims, posting a video of herself in an exquisite green satin gown.