Video Shows Democrat Mayor Allegedly Evading Reporters in Car

Rumor has it that Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hopped in a getaway car and ran away from reporters after they tried to question him about the recent death of Chicago Police Department (CPD) officer Luis Huesca.

According to the source, 22-year-old Xavier Tate Jr. was detained by the Chicago Police on Wednesday evening on charges of first-degree murder that were included in an arrest warrant issued on April 26. Police from the Chicago Police Department and the United States Marshals Great Lakes Regional Task Force captured Tate in his apartment on the second story of a Glendale Heights building.

On April 21, when Officer Huesca was returning home from his shift clothed in uniform, he was kidnapped and killed in Gage Park. The police believe Tate to be the perpetrator.

The only ballistics profile found at the site was that of Huesca, and the police have said that he never discharged his weapon. Prosecutors said in court on Friday that Huesca was shot ten times.’

Chicago police talked about a lengthy, detailed trail of evidence just before court.

The police claimed to have followed Tate Jr.’s whereabouts using pre- and post-shoot footage, which ultimately led them to a gas station where he reportedly used a relative’s credit card and fingerprints taken from a fence he was spotted hopping over.

According to the prosecution, Tate Jr. changed into several sweatshirts, coats, shoes, and a black bag during the day. According to investigators, the description was very congruent with the surveillance footage that CPD made public the day after Huesca’s killing.

Huesca was allegedly shot down ten times in the head, chest, arms, and thighs as Tate Jr. pursued and got close to “his vehicle on the driver’s side” as he drove into his Gage Park residence, according to the prosecution.

According to the prosecution, Tate began fleeing from the authorities the moment he got on a stolen bike. He then allegedly spent ten days traveling across three states, returning to Glendale Heights after stops in Rockford, Dubuque, Iowa, and Madison, Wisconsin.

On Friday, detectives discovered a service weapon belonging to Huesca, which had been stolen and had its serial numbers tampered with, inside a residence on the city’s Far South Side.