Media Hack Cornered On Biden, It Doesn’t End Well

Governor Kristi Noem (R) of South Dakota publicly shamed CNN host Dana Bash for standing with President Joe Biden over the illegal immigration and border issue.

During CNN’s State of the Union, Bash approached Noem with a question about the current talks for a contentious border measure, which Republicans see as failing to address the border problem effectively. Over the weekend, Biden claimed he would only shut down the border if Congress passed the measure.

But with more and more Republican senators speaking out against the measure, its passage is quite doubtful. In the interview,  Bash used the opposition as a weapon against Republicans, which Democrats are taking advantage of.

Bash asked why they can’t take yes for an answer if Biden agrees to sign the bill.

Noem responded by making the valid point that Biden can resolve the border situation without the bill. She went on to say that Congress has already granted the constitutional power to enforce immigration laws to the president. On the contrary, she stated that Biden’s policies must be revised.

At this juncture, the president has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. According to Noem, the first step in fixing immigration policy is to change one’s policies, construct a wall, and secure the border—no need to give up on one in order to accomplish the other.

Following this, Bash said President Biden is engaging in negotiations because the Republicans had asked him to.

The governor asked Bash what Biden did.

Next, Noem rehashed what last week’s frontline Border Patrol agents had informed her.

An agent told her that Biden has done almost nothing but bind their hands when it comes to implementing policy and using his resources.  They can’t do their work because of him.  They despise their job with the federal government.  They despise the current state of the nation because Biden is unwilling to provide for our safety.

A YouGov poll on January 29 found that 50% of Americans favor constructing a wall on the US-Mexico border, with 33% opposing.

Fifty percent of Americans, including people of color, women, and independents, favor constructing a wall, according to a nationwide survey of 40,513 persons. On the other hand, 33% of people oppose a border wall, and 17% aren’t sure either way.