Man Murders Partner In Sick And Twisted Way

In Chorley, Lancashire, 28-year-old Jason Gowen was taken into custody after the horrific murder of his fiancée, Fiona Robinson. Gowen has a history of assault charges and was out on bond for an earlier incident involving another lady.

Gowen recorded a horrendous video ridiculing his victim as she lay dying; she was discovered battered and nude on the floor of their house. The following day, Gowen reported Robinson’s unresponsiveness and bruised body to emergency services by dialing 999. He said he had been out drinking and that he came home only to discover her injuries. Following his guilty plea to murder, ABH, and common assault, Gowen was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 20 years.

Robinson informed her workplace in October 2022 that her spouse had been physically abusive to her. Two days after sending images of her injuries to her friend on May 22, 2023, Robinson informed her that she had ‘cheated’ and that Gowen had bitten her.

The tragic death of Fiona at the hands of her ex-partner Gowen ripped a massive hole in the hearts and lives of her family. After her daughter passed away, Susan Dunston felt like she was living in a nightmare and has been unable to eat or sleep since.

Gowen said that he and Fiona were “massively in love and planned a wedding,” although Fiona had been plotting her escape from him in the days before her death.

In addition to cuts to her lower back that caused bleeding into her abdominal cavity, Fiona experienced injuries consistent with being strangled and suffocated. Along with at least 31 distinct head injuries, she had severe bruises all over her body, including her arms, legs, and head. She reportedly suffered many fractured ribs and bite marks on her breast and arm. The injuries were consistent with physical strangulation and suffocation, according to Dr. Alison Armour, a pathologist from the Home Office.