Man Arrested For Murder Worked As Anger Management Therapist

Arrests and murder charges have been filed against a therapist from Florida who is well-known for his work in anger management. After allegedly shooting and killing a man in the course of an ongoing feud, he is said to have stashed the corpse in his car.

At a residence on South Frankfort Avenue, authorities responded to a report of a disturbing event on Thursday morning, leading to the arrest of Travis McBride, 46, proprietor of Starting Point Mental Health in DeLand.

Wesh said that someone called the police to report a murder.

Eyewitnesses said that the individual was focused on cleaning up the blood on the road.

Someone was carrying a body across the road, according to the caller who spoke to the 911 dispatcher. After loading it into his car, he drove away.

The individual claimed to have returned and started washing the road soon after. He was visible in the yard, examining the surroundings with the light of his flashlight.

Police in DeLand, Florida, said that Capt. Prurince Dice found blood and gunshot fragments on the ground.

Inside McBride’s red Nissan Versa, authorities found the 52-year-old Clinton Dorsey’s dead body with several gunshot wounds. According to the police, the car was located close to where Frankfort and New York avenues meet.

While conducting their search, police officers saw McBride approaching and eventually took him into custody.

The victim and McBride seem to have been at odds with one another throughout. Though they may not have known each other personally, they were undoubtedly aware of each other’s existence. In an interview with the site, Police Chief Jason Umberger expressed regret that a life was lost.

Deputies also spoke with a neighbor who said that McBride had visited her house the previous day while looking for Dorsey. An arrest affidavit states that McBride sought Dorsey out because the latter had made a glass container for his dogs.

Arrest papers indicate that McBride allegedly told the lady he was going to hurt Dorsey, who she said was a homeless man living in the woods nearby.

As mentioned by the publication, another eyewitness claimed to have seen bloodstained garments in a trash can near McBride’s vehicle.

Additional witnesses who were present the night of Dorsey’s murder reportedly reported hearing gunshots to the authorities.

There were wounds on McBride’s hands, arms, and body when he was taken into custody. He told the authorities that he got these wounds while training dogs and in an incident involving a gun.

In the Volusia County jail, the accused is being held without bond on charges of first-degree premeditated murder. He has not yet made a plea.