Advocacy Group Spends Millions On Border Ad Buy

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s allied lobbying organization will begin a $1.8 million ad campaign this week to encourage lawmakers to push for stricter border security measures.

According to a new issue advocacy campaign launched by the American Action Network (AAN), Congress must maintain its efforts to protect the border. The advertisements underline how terrible the border issue has gotten and underscore essential remedies that conservatives in Congress have been working for from H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023.

“Keep fighting for America” is the message the commercial wants viewers to convey to their politicians.

The American Action Network, a charity affiliated with Johnson (R-La.), has purchased the ad in sixteen congressional districts. The Congressional Leadership Fund is a sibling entity of the American Action Network.

The advertisements will promote the principles outlined in H.R. 2, which brings back the “Remain in Mexico” policy of previous President Trump, resumes building the border wall, and stops the catch-and-release procedure.

The districts that the ads will serve include those of Republican Representatives Juan Ciscomani (AZ), David Valadao (CA), and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA).

The surge coincides with record-high levels of illegal border crossings; in December alone, some 302,000 migrants attempted to enter the US.

Additionally, Johnson is taking a firm stance on border security. On Sunday, on a conference call with his colleagues, he informed them that any immigration agreement that the Senate negotiates will be dead when it reaches the House.

Johnson is beginning the advertising campaign with a stricter stance on border security. Speaker Paul Ryan ended any hope of a border security legislation passing this Congress on Sunday during a member-only call by telling his conference that the House would reject any immigration accord reached by the Senate negotiators and that it would die on arrival in the House.