Woman Sues Disneyland, ‘Goofy’ For Inflicting Injury, Trauma in Collision

According to a complaint filed by Katrina Amian Redfern Griffin in Orange County Superior Court, she was bending down to tie her child’s shoe while visiting Disneyland when a park employee dressed as Goofy, the adorable but clumsy cartoon dog, collided with her.

She said he then plopped down on top of her, crushing her against the hard cement.

Griffin described her physical injuries as severe, traumatic, debilitating, and permanent. She also spoke of the mental agony and suffering she endured as a result,

She is now suing Disneyland, the anonymous employee dressed as Goofy, and what the complaint calls Goofy’s “handler,” another employee whose job was to keep the prominent, goofy figure from running into anything.

Griffin, the plaintiff in the case claiming that Goofy bowled her over at Disneyland, failed to specify the nature of her injuries.

A series of high-profile court cases and controversies have recently plagued the entertainment behemoth.

Gina Carano was let go from her role in “The Mandalorian” TV series in 2021 by the movie division due to her social media remarks that compared the persecution of American conservatives to that of Jewish people during the Holocaust and cast doubt on the 2020 election results.

Carano then sued Disney for wrongful termination. She said that she was dismissed because she refused to comply with the “extreme progressive ideology” demanded by an “online bully mob.”

Claiming to have experienced a nightmare “wedgie” on the Humunga Kowabunga water slide at Walt Disney World, Emma McGuinness sued the theme park in October. As you plummet 214 feet into the darkness, the attraction boasts it will be the “ride of your life.” According to her claim, McGuinness suffered severe and long-lasting physical harm.

Qater and clothing were violently forced inside her when she approached the pool at the base of the enormous drop because her legs had come uncrossed.

According to the lawsuit, she went to the hospital with several internal injuries, including severe vaginal lacerations and her colon sticking out through her abdominal wall.

She claims, like Griffin, that Disney should compensate her for the mental, emotional, and bodily suffering she endured, as well as cover her medical expenses and lost wages.