Trump Allies to Push for Reverse Racism Protection

Groups allied with Donald Trump are making plans to radically change the federal government’s interpretation of civil rights laws to address “anti-white racism” if Trump returns to the White House next January, Axios reported.

Groups like the Heritage Foundation and America First Legal are hoping to push the Department of Justice to eliminate or dramatically change government and corporate programs aimed at countering discrimination against minorities to address discrimination against white Americans.

The groups seek to target everything from decades-old policies that provide economic opportunities to minorities to more recent programs established during the pandemic.

Already, Trump allies have been establishing the legal groundwork for their plans by filing a series of lawsuits against race-based programs, some of which have succeeded.

The lawsuits are being spearheaded by America First Legal, the conservative group founded by former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller.

In a lawsuit filed against CBS and Paramount Global in February, America First Legal cited the 1964 Civil Rights Act to claim CBS discriminated against a white male who worked as a writer on the series “Seal Team.”

The group also filed a civil rights complaint in February against the NFL for its “Rooney Rule” which requires NFL teams to consider at least two minorities when searching for a new head coach, general manager, or coordinator positions. America First argued that the rule resulted in “fewer opportunities” for “well-qualified candidates who are not minorities.”

Meanwhile, in its “Project 2025” outlining a possible Trump administration, the Heritage Foundation calls for an end to what it describes as “affirmative discrimination.”

According to former Trump Justice Department official Gene Hamilton, who wrote the plan, “advancing the interests” of some segments of society “comes at the expense” of others. He said “in nearly all cases,” such policies violate “longstanding federal law.”

Trump campaign spokesman Steve Cheung told Axios in a statement that Trump was “committed” to ending “discriminatory programs and racist ideology” in the federal government.