Tim Scott Says RFK Jr. Run Will Siphon Votes From Biden

On Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that tech attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan would join his campaign as his running mate. By bringing attention to her resilience in the face of adversity and her family’s immigration history, he lauded her as an example of the American dream in action.

Tim Scott, the senator from South Carolina, called Shanahan, who was formerly married to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, a “liberal” because she thought the United States could only improve by accepting new ideas.

In an outspoken rejection of Shanahan’s wealth redistribution philosophy, the senator used his life experiences to prove that perseverance pays off.

Scott opted to shelve his run for the Republican presidential nomination in November and subsequently endorsed Trump in January.

As Trump is considering Scott as a possible vice presidential candidate, ads are now airing in an effort to keep Black voters loyal to the Democratic Party.

After Kennedy made his declaration, Trump lauded the independent candidate’s candidacy, saying it would help MAGA. The ex-president recently characterized Kennedy as the contender whose beliefs were the most extreme on the left.

Quinnipiac University just conducted a survey in which Biden was shown to be marginally ahead of Trump. Nonetheless, according to the study, Trump usually comes out on top in national polls that include a third-party candidate.

The results showed that Biden had 48% of the vote while Trump had 45%. Including a third-party or independent candidate, Trump surpasses Biden with 39% to 38%.

On Monday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s sister Rory voiced her worries that her brother’s candidacy may hurt President Biden’s chances of being re-elected. Her concerns seem to be spot-on.

The Kennedy siblings—Kerry, Rory, Joseph P. Kennedy II, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend—voiced their apprehensions about Kennedy’s candidacy and its possible national consequences in October. According to his disgruntled relatives, his liberal icon father, Bobby Kennedy, is claimed to have had distinct ideals, vision, and judgment—attributes that the younger Kennedy does not share.

Kennedy spoke about how much his family means to him and how much support he gets from other parts of his extended family.