Steve Bannon’s Old Lawyers Are Coming After Him

( – Steve Bannon, the one-time strategist for former President Donald Trump, is being sued by his former lawyers.

Last weekend, the law firm of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP (DHC) filed a lawsuit against Bannon seeking almost $500,000 in legal fees that they say he never paid them. The firm represented Bannon when he was trying to fight the subpoena that the House select committee issued him as part of their investigation into the attacks at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

The complaint adds that the firm represented Bannon in some other cases over a period of two years.

The total amount that the firm says they are owed by Bannon for all the work they did for him was $855,478.87. In the complaint, they also said that Bannon agreed to pay them that amount for the work that they did representing him.

According to the complaint, Bannon only paid Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP (DHC) $375,000 of the total amount that he owed them. That means there’s still an outstanding balance of $480,487.87, which is what the firm has included in its lawsuit.

The firm claims that they represented Bannon in his subpoena fight and other cases between November of 2020 through November of 2022. Officials also said that they issued Bannon regular invoices for their work, and that he “never raised any objection to them.”

As the firm laid out in the complaint:

“This action simply seeks payment of an outstanding bill for legal services rendered in the amount of $480,487.87, in addition to scheduling a hearing on the reasonable attorneys’ fees DHC is contractually entitled to as the prevailing party in this litigation.”

For quite a while, Bannon was fighting the subpoena that the House Select Committee issued to him. Right from the get-go, he refused to comply with the subpoena, claiming executive privilege on behalf of Trump.

The committee warned him several times that they would take action if he did not comply, and when he refused by their deadline, they referred him to the Department of Justice for criminal charges. The DOJ ultimately charged Bannon with criminal contempt of Congress, and he was found guilty at trial.

Carl Nichols, the federal district judge who oversaw the case, said that Bannon routinely showed “no remorse for his actions … [and] has yet to demonstrate he has any intention of complying with the subpoena.”

During the sentencing hearing, Nichols said:

“The January 6 committee thus has every reason to investigate what happened that day including who may have been involved in planning or instigating what happened.”

He also added that the information that the committee was seeking from Bannon all included instances that “no conceivable claim” of executive privilege could be made.

Ultimately, Bannon was sentenced to spend four months in jail and pay a $6,500 fine. Bannon is currently appealing the ruling.