Soros Crony Fired From Circuit Attorney Job

( – Last Thursday, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey took action to remove St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after she refused to resign. 

Bailey notified Gardner last Wednesday that unless she steps down by noon on Thursday, she would “face immediate removal proceedings.” 

When the deadline passed without a resignation from Gardner, Bailey began the process of removing her from office. 

Bailey’s actions were prompted by a February 18 car crash in which a 16-year-old Nashville girl lost both of her legs. The driver in the crash, Daniel Ray, 21, was out on bond for 2020 armed robbery charges. He was placed on house arrest and required to wear a tracking device. Before July 18, when Gardner’s office refiled the case, Ray had already violated the conditions of his bond 54 times. After July 18, Ray added another 50 violations, including ten within a month of the car crash. Despite that, Gardner’s office failed to file a motion to revoke his bond. 

At a press conference on Thursday, Bailey said Gardner’s failure to “discharge her duties” as circuit attorney “warrant removal.” Bailey was skeptical about Gardner’s excuses, telling reporters that her excuses have been inconsistent. 

Bailey’s decision to have Gardner removed is supported by the St. Louis County Police Association. In a post on Twitter last week, the association described Gardner’s “ineptitude and malfeasance” as a “stain” on St. Louis County and the state. 

Gardner was elected in 2016 with the backing of a PAC funded by billionaire George Soros. 

During a press conference last Thursday, a defiant Gardner claimed that the Republican attorney general’s actions were a “political stunt,” and dismissed him as an “unelected individual.” Bailey was appointed by the governor to replace former Attorney General Eric Schmitt after he was elected to the US Senate, the Washington Times reported. 

Gardner claimed that trying to remove her from office was “voter suppression” and said she would remain focused on the voters who elected her, adding that if the voters want her removed, they can vote her out. 

Gardner defended her record and claimed “numerous individuals” with an “agenda” are attacking her office to ensure she doesn’t succeed. 

Last Wednesday, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones also criticized Gardner, telling reporters that the prosecutor should search her soul to see if she should continue as the circuit attorney for St. Louis.