Republican Poised To Steal Dem Seat In CA Congress Race

As a result of a recent poll, Republicans are feeling hopeful about the possibility of converting a ‘location rich’ blue congressional district in California into a red one.

The Republican candidate for California’s 9th Congressional District, Kevin Lincoln, is now ahead of the Democrat incumbent, Josh Harder, by a margin of 44% to 40%, according to a poll conducted by NMB Research.

The three-term Democrat has a favorable rating of 37%, whereas Lincoln has 31%.  However, an upset is on the horizon, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

Lincoln declared on his campaign website that the administration of Joe Biden has paid no heed to the nationwide lack of police officers and the open border problem that is bringing lethal amounts of fentanyl into our neighborhoods. In order to keep the Valley safer for everyone, he will support, rather than defund, the police department and secure our borders.

Kevin Lincoln, who has served his country honorably as a Marine and mayor, will take a stand in the Valley in his battle against violent crime, homelessness, and inflation, according to NRCC spokesman Ben Petersen. Peterson stated that Josh Harder, a wealthy politician in the Central Valley, took advantage of the locals by increasing their taxes while hiding his fortune in the Cayman Islands.

A tax loophole was used by the Democrat Harder to avoid paying taxes, which led Politico to expose him in January. Harder had campaigned on a promise of preventing the wealthy from evading taxes. According to the article, Harder has holdings of $15,000 to $50,000 in one Cayman Islands fund and $1,000 to $15,000 in another.

According to Jen Fox, a spokesman for Rep. Harder, he has never traded, purchased, or sold any stocks while in office and does not deal with corporate PAC money.