Mother Caught Encouraging Child To Steal Purse

A depressing moment was captured on video at a restaurant in Georgia. A woman told her 7-year-old child to steal an unattended pocketbook.

At The Juicy Crab, surveillance footage purportedly showed 28-year-old Kenya Butler of Union City, Georgia, urging her daughter to steal a pocketbook that had been left behind.

Detective Taylor Dalton of the Newnan Police Department said they could identify Kenya Butler as the offender in this case after the story aired in the media.

Dalton is facing two misdemeanor charges: one for aiding a kid in becoming a criminal and another for committing theft by taking possession of the pocketbook.

There is no legal issue with her daughter.

The footage shows Butler removing herself and her child from the table and escorting them to a nearby table with an empty booth. The mother, who is holding another child, quietly signals to her daughter to get the neglected handbag.

Before leaving the restaurant, the daughter tucks the bag under her arm.

On the evening of March 13, Butler posted $2,300 bail after her arrest. No dates have been set for her court appearances as of yet.

There have been other high-profile cases of child theft in recent weeks. Three juveniles, whom the FBI termed “little rascals,” were apprehended earlier this month for a holdup at a Wells Fargo bank in Houston.

According to the police, the three youths—aged 11, 12, and 16—left a threatening message for a teller before fleeing with an undisclosed sum of money.

Also in December, an Ohio woman was apprehended after her kid stole a delivery from a family’s front door.

When Jasmin Norman examined her surveillance footage in December, she saw a youngster steal her Amazon shipment and run away.

The youngster had already bolted to a woman wheeling a stroller, his mother, when Norman arrived at the front door.

Norman disclosed that her husband intended the shipment to be a Christmas surprise for her. Additionally, she mentioned that this was the second occurrence of a parcel being taken from her front porch.