MISSING Woman’s Body Found WHERE?!

Authorities in Arizona are under siege by the family of a woman found dead near the California border. Her body was found more than a month after she called 911 asking for help.

La Paz County officials reveal that the body of the 27 year-old woman, Amanda Nenigar, was located on the night of Friday March 29 in a remote area to the south of Cibola, a tiny town on the Arizona side of the border. Nenigar body was identified by matching a rose tattoo that she had on her right hand to one found on the body.

Nobody had seen Nenigar alive since she was in Blythe, California on February 28. Her Toyota Camry was found a week later, according to authorities. The back of the vehicle as atop a large boulder in the desert south of the remote town of Cibola, according to KPHO TV.

Nenigar’s body was found a half mile from her car.

Marissa Nenigar, Amanda’s sister, told KTLA News that if authorities had actually paid attention to Amanda’s 911 call, and treated it with the urgency it deserved, Amanda would be away today. According to Marissa, her sister provided accurate GPS coordinates to dispatchers, to whom she talked for a full hour. During the call, Amanda sounded desperate and confused as she described the terrain in the desert where her car had gotten stuck after running off the highway. Now, because of the authorities’ lax attitude, Amanda’s daughters must grow up without a mother.

William Ponce, Sheriff of La Paz County, said that investigators currently believe Nenigar was trying to find shade in order to cool off, but died from exposure during the attempt. She was found beneath a tree that didn’t provide enough shade to save her from the brutal heat. Nonetheless, an autopsy has been ordered to officially determine the cause of her death.

The Nenigar family is reportedly devastated by the loss.