Kamala Claps To Protest Song Until She Realizes What It Means

Video footage from Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to San Juan on Friday, March 22nd, showed her applauding a Puerto Rican song. However, she quickly stopped when an assistant translated and explained the words.

Harris conducted a tour of the Goyoco community center in San Juan’s Santurce area after delivering comments in the capital of Puerto Rico. She also heard from center employees and community leaders during her visit.

Following comments at a hurricane-damaged house outside of San Juan, Harris’s motorcade made its way to the Goyoco community center in the capital of the island, where a diverse group of irate protestors lined the pavement to welcome them. One protester carried a placard accusing Harris of being a war criminal, while another said the US and Israel were genocidal.

While visiting the community center, the vice president paused in a courtyard to listen to a six-piece band. Harris nodded and clapped along as she listened. Harris’ assistant interpreted the band’s words, and she stopped clapping along to the music, according to RNC Research.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi of Puerto Rico, Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Adrianne Todman, and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm were also there with Harris.

Harris said they would ensure the local talent and community get the necessary resources. President Joe Biden and she have carefully planned the assistance to the Puerto Rican government, citizens, and families. With a focus on promoting technological advancements that make infrastructure more resilient to hurricanes, the US government has allocated more than $140 billion to Puerto Rico.

Harris said smart technology, such as solar panels, may be installed to offer more reliable energy sources, which will enhance the quality of life for every household. The update will improve their lives and make it easier for them to meet their fundamental necessities.