Husband of Conjoined Twins in Legal Trouble With Ex-Wife

According to court records, the husband of conjoined twin Abby Hensel was issued with a paternity suit over two years after their marriage.

The unusual pair of dicephalous twins share a circulatory system and lower extremity organs. Brittany controls the left side of their shared bodies, while Abby controls their right leg and arm.

The twins were back in the news this week as news broke that Abby had a secret wedding to Joshua, a nurse and US Army veteran, in 2021.

Joshua was confronted with a paternity issue two years after his marriage to Abby.

The paperwork from a Minnesota court shows that Annica, Joshua’s ex-wife, filed it in October 2023.

Following their April 2019 separation, Annica and Joshua were shown in court records as having shared custody of their 8-year-old daughter Isabella.

The court documents do not yet make it apparent if the paternity lawsuit involves Annica’s second kid, who is three years old and was born in 2020.

Annica’s youngest daughter is listed as Isabella’s half-sister in the divorce papers filed by Annica and Joshua.

The 1996 appearance of Abby and Brittany, who were 6-year-olds at the time, on The Oprah Winfrey Show was the first time they came to wireachedd prominence.

In 2012, they had an eight-part reality show on TLC.

Both Abby and Brittany wore white gowns to the wedding, and photos from the ceremony were posted on the twins’ social media accounts.

Abby and Brittany’s lifelong goals have always included finding a partner and starting a family.

When the twins were 16, they were asked whether they wanted to create a family in an interview for the documentary Joined for Life, filmed in 2003.

“That is likely something that could work because those organs do work for them,” their mom, Patty, stated.

Both of the sisters, Brittany continued, aspired to be mothers.