Hunter Biden Associate To Hand Over Material 

( – According to a statement made by a committee member to an investigative news outlet, the House Oversight Committee will soon get records from Eric Schwerin, who is a key associate of Hunter Biden.

Representative Comer recently asked valid questions in a statement to the media. 

What sort of company does the Biden family run?

They do not own any assets. They do not produce anything of their own. They don’t have any products for sale. Despite this, they get millions of dollars from people all around the world. 

Reports show Eric Schwerin became a close friend of Hunter Biden and business colleague to the president’s troubled second son during a decades-old relationship. 

Schwerin, who made over two dozen visits to the White House during the Obama presidency, is likely to be a focus of an investigation of Hunter Biden’s international business dealings in the near future. 

Although Schwerin has not been accused of any crime, his close personal and financial relationships with both Bidens put doubt on President Biden’s previous statements that he had no role in his son’s business transactions. 

According to the letter dated February 8, the House Committee, chaired by Republican James Comer, has requested that Schwerin provide any and all records, documents, or communications that could assist its investigation into foreign and domestic business deals.  It includes any alleged instances of influence peddling generating money for the Biden family.  

According to reports, the White House has categorically rejected the notion that former President Biden was aware of his son’s financial affairs.  But various stories suggest that Joe Biden communicated with his son’s business acquaintances, based on emails retrieved from Hunter’s laptop. 

Reports reveal the deadline for Joe Biden’s brother, James, son Hunter, and Eric Schwerin to provide the committee with requested papers was last Wednesday.  

Counsel representing Hunter Biden has refused. 

A refusal to give requested information to the committee suggests the possibility of a subpoena and a future court procedure.