Hollywood Icon Links “MAGA” To Jim Crow Laws

(RepublicanPeak.com) – Bryan Cranston, whose portrayal of Walter White on “Breaking Bad” propelled him to worldwide celebrity, has said once again that he thinks the “Make America Great Again” slogan is racist. 

Cranston was recently talking about critical racial theory with Bill Maher. He said he believes it’s crucial that CRT be taught, that we look at our past much like Germany has looked at their historical participation in the wars, one and two, and embraced it. 

Then Cranston said the quiet part out loud, indicating that when he sees a “Make America Great Again” logo, he feels it is racist. That’s on him. 

He said most people are perplexed that he feels it is racist, not seeing what he sees. 

He says just ask yourself from the African-American point of view, when was it great in America for them? His point is that it was never great, so if you’re making it great once again, it’s bringing the country back to a time that does not include them. 

That is an odd take. 

Maher had argued against Cranston’s assumption that Americans are inherently racist, telling him, “The people who are controlling things, I simply don’t believe that that’s — their philosophy is ‘Let’s be racist to people of color.'” 

Cranston said that people just don’t recognize who they are. He said what [white people] fail to acknowledge is their privilege and advantage, as shown by the composition of Congress.  

“You can’t ignore the reality that Congress is dominated by older, white guys,” he says. 

The United States “still has not accepted responsibility or accountability” after “400 f***ing years of dealing with this,” as Cranston put it. 

Cranston asked Maher what he thinks of when he sees Trump’s hat and the words ‘Make America Great Again. 

He asked Maher if he would agree that a substantial portion of this group [white people] and others like him are utterly oblivious to the fact that it is a dog whistle. Do they believe that “Make America Great Again” speaks to everyone?  

“When were things good for black people in this country?” Cranston asked. 

Maher answered, “now, If you’re thinking about applying to college.”