Harvard Is Firing A Powerful Hunter Biden Ally 

(RepublicanPeak.com) – The Technology and Social Change project, directed by Joan Donovan, claims to investigate how the media shapes the public debate, tears society’s fabric and obstructs democracy, all intending to expose and discredit such efforts. 

Ironically, on 2020 election day, she doubted the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s laptop, saying on an HKS podcast that the laptop’s purported origin at a Delaware repair shop “stinks.” 

So much for her investigational tools that will root out “misinformation.” 

According to The Harvard Crimson, the school gave Donovan an unexpected termination date of summer 2024. 

Since its commencement in 2019, Donovan has been the project’s leader at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy.  

According to the Crimson, HKS employees claim that Donovan’s protracted departure may be traced back to a disagreement with Dean Douglas Elmendorf about best using the school’s resources. 

Semafor claimed, based on interviews and a review of internal documents, that Donovan’s “politically charged work” at the Shorenstein Center was garnering the majority of the center’s attention. Donovan had been published widely in the mainstream media and had testified before the House Intelligence Committee on disinformation. 

Participants informed Semafor that in October 2021, former Facebook policy head Elliot Schrage, now a member of the HKS Dean’s Council, questioned her presentation to the council on disinformation. He said that writers in the academy and the media often use false material to attack political candidates with which they disagree. 

In a podcast episode last year in which he interviewed Donovan, comedian Jon Stewart confronted her with the question, “who gets to judge” what is false information?  

Indeed, it shouldn’t be Donovan, who seems to have a conclusion (based on a political bias) before her “investigations” begin.  

She is an activist, not a down-the-middle noble gatekeeper keeping the media in check.