Grand Jury Forewoman’s Interview Just Made The Case For Trump Even Stronger 

( – In a media blitz, the forewoman of a grand jury spoke in great detail about the panel’s proceedings, drawing fire from both the left and the right. According to many analysts and pundits, the self-satisfied, sometimes loony, woman spoke inappropriately. 

In light of the grand jury’s proceedings in Fulton County, Georgia, concerning allegations that former President Donald Trump and his associates attempted to sabotage the 2020 presidential election in the state, Emily Kohrs, 30, made multiple media appearances to address the matter. 

In a barrage of interviews on political cable talk shows, she discussed how she wanted to subpoena Trump and how often the topic of the previous president came up. 

Right and left-leaning public personalities alike were quick to blast Kohrs for going public with his thoughts on federal law concerns. 

“There’s something a little disconcerting about #EmilyKohrs seeming ecstatic like the gorgeous man at the party just hit on her,” Democratic writer and podcaster Andy Ostroy remarked. 

On Tuesday’s episode of “Anderson Cooper 360,” Anderson Cooper became clearly outraged by Kohrs’ media appearances and questioned whether it is “appropriate” to let her happily discuss the case. 

“She seems to be having a good time, but is it acceptable behavior?” he questioned. 

“I tell you that prosecutors are cringing watching her go on this,” CNN legal commentator Elie Honig told Cooper. 

“A prosecutor’s worst nightmare,” as Honig put it. 

Co-hosts on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” claimed Kohrs’ public comments had damaged the “credibility” and “integrity” of the inquiry. 

According to CNN’s interview with Kohrs on Tuesday, she is pleased to report that the jury’s probe has turned up “not a short list” of potential defendants. Also, she informed the press that the public would not be shocked by the outcome once it was made public. 

She couldn’t have done a better job if she had been working for the Trump camp.