Giuliani On Mayor Pete: “Doesn’t Know A Damn Thing”

( – According to former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Pete Buttigieg doesn’t know a damn thing about emergency response. 

He said there is a valid reason why East Palestine, Ohio, mayor Trent Conaway kept Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg waiting in the hall for over 30 minutes. 

Buttigieg waited 20 days to get to the site of a railway crash that released dangerous substances into the environment.  

Giuliani said Mayor Pete should have been canned by now. America’s mayor said if Buttigieg were working for him as the transportation commissioner and he was away for two weeks and remarked, “this occurs 1,000 times a year,” he would be looking for a new job since he is plainly not qualified for this one. 

New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was called to East Palestine because of his expertise in crisis management. He marshaled over 9/11 in New York City and was widely praised for his leadership. 

In response to Buttigieg’s assertions that his detractors were there as “political” opportunists, Giuliani said he was  sure he could come up with more practical ideas than “Mr. Lightweight.” 

Giuliani said he was unaware he was keeping Buttigieg waiting in the hall, but Mayor Conaway benefited more from Buttigieg’s knowledge than an inexperienced transportation secretary. 

Giuliani elaborated, saying that the hour and a half he spent with him was much more beneficial than the time he spent with “Little Petey.” 

America’s mayor said that “Petey” hasn’t got a clue. Everything he does is entirely off the cuff. The whole government is full of it, and our nation is poorly mishandled. He’s a dilettante, which is quite typical of a progressive. They don’t know how to manage because they’re unrealistic. 

By “unrealistic,” he meant that their ideas come from inexperience, and they think that “money grows on trees.”