George Santos Pushes For AR-15 To Be Declared A “National Gun”

( – Rep. George Santos (D-NY), who has been pressured to quit for weeks after he admitted to lying about his personal, professional, and educational past, is now under heat for his role as a measure co-sponsor proposed by Alabama Representative Barry Moore. 

Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Andrew Clyde of Georgia are both on record as supporting legislation that would designate an AR-15 model rifle as “the National Gun of the United States.” 

Santos defended his support for a gun that has become a household name because of  its use in school mass shootings and terrorist acts. Santos said it helps the economy and employs people here at home. 

Considering how many “national” things there already are, he said, “why not a national gun?  

Santos said that it prevents deaths every day. 

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, was among many who criticized Santos for introducing the measure, calling his stance “outrageous and reprehensible.” 

Hochul remarked (erroneously) that the AR-15 is a  ‘weapon of war’ which has been used by mass shooters across the country. 

The AR-15 is not, and never has been, a “weapon of war.” 

Hochul cited Buffalo, where a shooter used an AR-15 to murder ten people, as an example. She also mentioned “Parkland, Florida,” where a shooter used an AR-15-style weapon to murder 17 innocent people. 

Hochul said the victims’ relatives should not bear the indignity of this law, which seeks to lionize the weapons used in such senseless deaths.  

In response to Hochul’s criticism, Santos said, “nothing but hyperbole.” 

It has been noted that both Santos and fellow Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna have drawn criticism for wearing assault weapon lapel pins while speaking on the House floor. 

Eventually, it was revealed that Representative Clyde, a co-sponsor of the “national gun” measure, had given them to the legislators.