Ex-Trump Aide Sounds Alarm On Donald’s Deadly Radicalism

Donald Trump is the front-running Republican in his quest for reelection to the presidency in 2024. Many see his nomination as inevitable even though he has not yet garnered enough delegates to be dubbed the presumptive nominee. However, he has won every state primary race this year and has regularly polled substantially ahead of all other candidates.

Meanwhile, an ex-high-ranking official in the Trump administration characterized their former boss as a “clear and present danger” to our democracy” and a traitor, according to a new book by ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

On Monday night, Karl informed Jen Psaki of MSNBC that the anonymous individual had been “loyally” serving Trump for over a year at a very high level inside the West Wing, close to Donald Trump, and had refrained from publicly criticizing him.

Concerned about the possible effects of a second Trump presidency on the United States intelligence community, some former Trump administration staffers have spoken out, with one even going so far as to say that Trump’s previous actions, if repeated, could result in the deaths of innocent people.

Politico published an article on Monday claiming that, should a second Trump administration be elected, important U.S. intelligence agencies are already making preparations. The article cited multiple former staffers who had previously warned that Trump would push even harder to replace people perceived as hostile to his political agenda with inexperienced loyalists.

Politico talked to eighteen people who worked for or were close to Trump and asked them about their concerns about their former boss running for reelection. Among the Trump administration officials who spoke with the media was Dan Coats, who oversaw national intelligence from 2017 to 2019. Coats was removed from office because his repeated positions clashed with Trump’s. Given Trump’s reported history of mishandling classified national security information, he expressed significant concerns about the future and has since been an outspoken opponent of the former president.

All concerned anonymous informants can exercise their right to vote for the candidate they feel is best for the country.