Delta Airlines Pilot Nearly Flew Plane Drunk

Ten months in prison are in store for an American pilot who was found to have a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) nearly 2.5 times the legal limit just before takeoff.

Last year, 63-year-old pilot Lawrence Russell Jr. was found to be intoxicated just before his scheduled flight from Edinburgh to New York on a Boeing 767. Edinburgh Airport security found two bottles of J√§egermeister in Russell Jr.’s luggage during a search on June 16, 2023.

After pleading guilty, Russell Jr. was sentenced today at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for reporting for duty as a pilot while under the influence of alcohol.

Based on the evidence presented in court, Delta Airlines captain Russell Jr. was getting ready to pilot the jet when it was found that one of the alcohol bottles had been opened and was only partly full. Russell Jr., who was dressed like a pilot and had a lanyard that read “Delta,” admitted to having the booze. He said he had a few drinks the night before.

The next step was to contact the authorities, and after a failed breathalyzer, Russell Jr. was arrested.

They took a blood sample from him after bringing him to the Livingston police station.

The results showed that Russell’s blood alcohol concentration was at least 49 mg/100 mL. There was more alcohol in the blood than what was legally allowed (20 mg/100 mL).

On March 5, Russell Jr. was taken to jail after entering a guilty plea.

The journey to New York had to be canceled following the pilot’s arrest in June. Delta Airlines went out of their way to accommodate travelers.

Russell Jr.’s attorney, Pamela Rogers, presented a medical report outlining his treatment for alcoholism throughout the court hearings. She claims that he was utterly aware of the seriousness of the offense.

Lynne Barrie, Procurator Fiscal for Lothian and Borders, has stated that Lawrence Russell’s behavior may have endangered many lives and led to disastrous outcomes.

Mr. Russell’s arrest in June resulted in the loss of his employment. He has two boys and a 35-year marriage.

Delta did not want to elaborate on what they knew about Mr. Russell’s previous record or say whether or not the company would consider employing him again.

When a pilot receives a drug or alcohol conviction, they are obliged by law to wait one year before applying for a license or certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration or any other agency.