Celeb DEATH – Friend Reveals CHILLING Confession!

Legendary blues singer Amy Winehouse, who died of alcohol poisoning at age 27, had an eerie conversation with her friend Dale Davis in the hours before her death, according to recent remarks by Davis.

Winehouse passed away tragically in July 2011 at her townhouse in Camden, England, joining the notorious “27’s Club” of famous musicians and other celebrities who all died of substance abuse complications in their 27th year of life. Other members of the club include rock-blues pioneer Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, and psychedelic rock pioneer Jimmy Hendrix.

Dale Davis, who is now 57, first met Winehouse in 2003 when she was 19. He joined her live band as bass player, and later became the band’s musical director. The pair of them were, according to Davis, bosom buddies that helped keep each other sane as the insanity of global stardom engulfed the band.

In an interview with The Sun, Davis recalled the conversation with Winehouse in the hours before her death. The conversation, he says, took place at 11:30 pm, a mere three hours before she headed for bed on her last night. She was in good spirits, telling Davis that she’d just been watching herself on YouTube and was startled by how well she could sing. She was, according to Davis, very humble, and did not appreciate her talent. He said that he took comfort that she died with that kind of satisfaction in her mind.

He also said that Winehouse had told his then-wife that she didn’t believe she would live to see her 28th year.

Nonetheless, Davis revealed feeling great shock upon hearing the news that she had died. She had been a constant presence in his life, was friends with his then-wife and son. Davis compared her to to fellow 27’s Club member Kurt Cobain, noting that both had tragically short careers, and yet the musical landscape was re-shaped in their wake.