Scientists Design ‘Hunt and Kill’ Drone In Just a Few Hours

An engineer has shown that it is feasible to convert a regular drone into an AI assassin drone quickly.

Engineer and entrepreneur Luis Wenus and his colleague Robert Lukoszko created a drone that can automatically seek out specific human targets. The scientist claims that, using face recognition, a tiny drone can now track down particular people.

Within hours, the pair quickly turned a commercial drone into an AI killer machine, prompting experts to issue a warning in March.

Wenus, an entrepreneur and engineer, tweeted about his and his partner Lukoszko’s first drone development, which they had created just out of curiosity. Developing a drone that follows you like a video game seemed fun and exciting. Drones may be programmed to approach specific individuals using an AI object detection algorithm.

They immediately realized that the drone might be configured to transport explosives. This leads to the possibility of using the drone, arming it, and zeroing in on a particular person or group.

Constructing this in only a few hours has opened their eyes to how terrifying it is. After attaching a modest quantity of explosives, it would be easy to release hundreds of them to fly about, tracking down a person’s enemy list to kill them.

Wenus claims that his experience proved how important anti-drone technologies are in public spaces where huge gatherings are possible. Society may use a number of countermeasures, including radar, acoustic sensors, and cameras, to identify drones. Technology like net guns, high-energy lasers, radio frequency jammers, and GPS spoofers might be used to interfere with their operations.

According to Wenus, this kind of technology will be used in terrorist strikes within the next few years. But it can also be used as an unpaid hitman. If the drone cannot be tracked back to the person responsible for programming it, it will be a monstrous bit of technology for the evil among us.