Man Accidentally Kills Mother After Thinking She Was An Intruder

In their Missouri home, ex-football player Jaylen Johnson, 26, unintentionally shot and killed his mother. 

Jaylen accidentally shot and killed Monica McNichols-Johnson, 56,  as she entered the home located in the St. Louis suburb of Olivette.

Despite the efforts of Johnson’s girlfriend to assist her after being shot, McNichols-Johnson died in the house. 

According to William Goldstein, Johnson’s attorney, his client wasted no time in dialing 911 following the incident. Since then, Johnson has been overwhelmed with distress.

Jaylen reportedly shot his mother multiple times on Thursday morning as she tried to enter the house through the rear door. Authorities have taken him into custody and are now charging him with manslaughter and armed criminal activity. The house on Huron Drive where the terrible tragedy took place was owned by both Jaylen Johnson and his mother.

Jaylen Johnson owns a vehicle rental business in Missouri. He has no criminal records. A bond of $100,000 has been issued for him on allegations of manslaughter and armed criminal activity. According to Goldstein, Jaylen had a deep affection for his mother, and she reciprocated that love. Jaylen promptly dialed 911 and quickly reached out to his grandfather, expressing disbelief over the incident.

According to his attorney, Mr. Johnson, a college athlete, has a promising future ahead of him. According to Mr. Goldstein, he has a clean record and decided to keep a weapon for self-defense after experiencing a traumatic robbery in the past.

If a person believes they are in imminent danger, they are legally permitted to use lethal force in the state of Missouri. Last year, a sad event occurred in Missouri where a 17-year-old was shot in the arm and head after accidentally knocking on the wrong door.

It is uncommon to be shot by a family member after being mistaken for an intruder. According to records, accidental shootings account for roughly 1% of total gun deaths.