Women Smashed by Trans Cyclists During Competition

As mid-September approaches in the 2023 calendar year and the first signs of autumn weather appear in many parts of the United States, the annual “Pride Month” celebrations occurring in urban centers around the nation are a distant memory in the minds of most individuals who may be partial to such festivities. As America remains tensely embroiled in a serious cultural war in domestic politics, the LGBT community remains an integral group courted extensively for support by progressive-democratic candidates at the state and federal political levels. While members of this community have often claimed they only want equal rights and treatment in the eyes of the law, gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015. In practice, members of this community enjoy the same legal rights as any other individuals.

Despite this, the community continues to actively push for their lifestyle to be promoted and “accepted” across all aspects of daily life in the nation and at any cost. In New Jersey, parents are furious across the Garden State after the Murphy administration and the Democrat-majority in the state government has enacted new “educational” curriculums promoting homosexuality. The new curriculum, of which some materials were leaked by Republican state legislators has appeared extremely graphic and is applicable to all grade levels (including students as young as kindergartners). Additionally, in schools across America, male students who identify as “transgender” have been permitted to access female locker rooms, creating serious tension and presenting privacy and health concerns for young women.

Another area in which LGBT ideology has become increasingly prevalent is the world of female sports. Many male individuals who identify as “transgender” have been participating in sporting events for biological females and winning dramatically. In Illinois, two male cyclists who identify as women won two gold medals in women’s biking competitions. Both of the men who dominated female competitions have had questionable records in male competitions. The hypocrisy of progressive policy continues.