Woman Found In Freezer After 10 Years Missing

A woman’s body was discovered in a freezer at a residence in California after nine years of being missing.

Mary Margaret Haxby-Jones, 81, was found in the house’s freezer by relatives from out of town in San Diego.

According to a statement released Thursday by the San Diego Police Department, the corpse was found by family members who notified the police on December 22nd at about 11:45 a.m. Because the body of the elderly individual was found in an unusual location, the San Diego Police Homicide Unit was asked to investigate.

According to the authorities, the corpse showed no signs of trauma, and the death is still under suspicion.

After reviewing the evidence, police have concluded that Haxby-Jones may have been dead for up to nine years. The SDPD reports that the cause of death is still under investigation by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Who lives in the Zion Avenue house where the corpse was discovered remains a mystery.

Investigators will likely review Haxby-Jones’ bank records, according to former homicide detective Pete Carrillo.

Detectives are trying to contact anyone who may have known her or has information that might help them find her.

Although no official report was made about her disappearance, it is thought that she resided at the property “at some time previous to the finding of her death,” they emphasized.

In November, in an unrelated freezer incident, Chad Christopher Stevens, 42, was arrested after his ex-girlfriend Heather Louise Schwab’s corpse was found inside a refrigerator in his home. Stevens was accused of tampering with evidence and fabricating evidence by disposing of Heather’s body.

Heather’s mother, Tammra Schwab, reported her daughter had been known to be living with Stevens and that their relationship was one of abuse. An investigator interviewed Stevens, who claimed Heather had left him the year prior and had not seen or heard from her since then. A drone search warrant was obtained to obtain photographs of Stevens’ property, finding several anomalies in his backyard.

Stevens admitted to hiding Heather’s body in the refrigerator after she died and had multiple physical altercations with Heather.