White House Slams GOP Over Infighting

The White House has condemned the House Republican Conference for its infighting and urged its members to end the turmoil as soon as possible.

The memo “House Republican instability continues while President Biden achieves progress for the American people” drew attention to the disparity between the Republican Party’s dysfunction and President Biden’s efforts this week.

The memo claims that President Biden is providing the kind of leadership the American people deserve, one that puts a premium on problems that matter to them. Some Republicans in the House are pushing for radical ideas that aren’t in line with the rest of the country, causing unnecessary political instability. There is also conflict among themselves within the conference.

Andrew Bates, the deputy press secretary, wrote the announcement.

President Biden recently made plans public to write off $9 billion in student debt. In addition, he mentioned that the ten pharmaceuticals’ original producers have agreed to participate in the Inflation Reduction Act’s drug price negotiating initiative.

Bates writes that on behalf of American families, President Biden is willing to work with both parties to advance the nation’s critical issues. Bates stated, “We hope they come around to the same posture” after precipitating the near-default crisis, the near-shutdown, and the current state of uncertainty.

Given concerns about whether a new Speaker would include Ukraine cash in a budget plan, he said Republicans should work with Biden to lower medicine prices and allocate more funding for Ukraine.

Bates said that to achieve progress on problems that affect millions of Americans every day; House Republicans must quickly end their infighting and work together with President Biden.

On Tuesday, Biden urged the House to swiftly pick a new Speaker after the vote to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from his speakership position.

The White House has clarified that they will not get involved in the upcoming Speaker of the House election.