White House Is Quietly Putting Racial Issues Into Everything From Energy To Food

According to a report, the Biden Energy Department’s $72 million investment in green energy worker training went beyond promoting its newest climate change answer. It said a gender and racially diverse staff was “crucial” to the project.

The Cabinet department responsible for energy security and prosperity didn’t explain the manner in which workforce diversity might mitigate or the opposite direction of Biden-era energy trends like “unprecedented” utility bills, record-high gas prices, and a low oil reserve.

For many, the concentration on equality had diverted resources from other fundamental capabilities and toward an ideological crusade, prompting accusations that the Biden Administration had lost focus when railway catastrophes, airline problems, and bank collapses occurred.

The report shows the Department of Agriculture has prioritized farmer diversity and inclusion as food costs rise and burden American consumers, particularly the working class.

According to diversity hire DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg, “equity” is a  strategy for the department.

The DOT has prioritized equality yet failed many of its key objectives. In February, the FAA’s national computer system broke, grounding all U.S. flights. That outage followed terrible Christmas travel delays.

Not only have there been flight cancellations and delays under Buttigieg’s DOT, but there have also been car shortages, supply chain inversions, and a toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, following a train derailment that took Buttigieg three weeks to personally address, and Biden ignored.

According to a report, this month, the White House announced new regulations for automobile emissions, prompting the Job Creators Network Foundation Legal Action Fund to announce its intention to challenge the Biden administration.

Throughout Biden’s administration, the Justice Department has been a target of public criticism. 

In its Equality Action Plan, the Department of Justice (DOJ) brags about its various initiatives to promote equality in the United States, confusing fairness with equal justice by law.

A report reveals that the DOJ has been criticized for its administration of justice under President Joe Biden. According to a Trafalgar survey conducted in 2022, 79% of respondents hold the view that the United States operates under a “2-tiered justice system,” with different laws and punishments for conservatives and liberals.