White House Blacklisted New York Post From Biden Event

On Monday, as federal prosecutors neared a decision on whether or not to criminally charge the president’s son, Hunter Biden, for tax fraud and other offenses, the White House press staff blocked The New York Post from attending President Biden’s only afternoon public event. 

Biden administration officials emailed the Post to say they couldn’t accommodate any reporters at the secret location, containing a replica White House set and around 50 theater-style seats.

The venue, where Biden accepted “no shouted questions,” saw about 20 of the fifty seats empty. There was plenty of room for NY Post reporters. 

In October 2020, the Post first reported on Hunter’s lost laptop data that linked Joe Biden to projects in China and Ukraine.

While discussing airline policy at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House, Biden incorrectly labeled The Post’s article as Russian disinformation.

When asked by The Post in the same meeting in February if his family’s ties to China undermined his ability to lead US policy, Biden opted to answer in the affirmative. He became angry that no “polite” reporters were present and stormed away.

If you look at US readership numbers, the Post’s website ranks fifth. The Post has the fifth-largest print readership in the United States and is the second-most-read newspaper online.

The famous and influential Post received an email that “regretfully” informed them that the White House could not grant their credential request to attend the press conference on May 8.

The email doesn’t provide the previously-used excuse of “space limitations” for the press office’s new prescreening of journalists allowed into significant presidential events (previously open to all journalists on White House grounds).

The previously unheard-of limitations on press access have been maintained, and press officers have refused to reveal the selection criteria even to the White House Correspondents’ Association’s top officials.

Federal prosecutors are weighing whether or not to arrest Hunter Biden for failing to disclose all of his income to the IRS and for lying about his drug usage when he acquired a firearm in 2018.