WATCH: Highway Explosion Causes Impromptu Firework Show

In the late evening of October 26, on a section of the Trans-Canada Highway near Hope, British Columbia, a dramatic and unexpected fireworks spectacle unfolded following a road accident. The incident involved a semi-trailer truck and a pickup truck, which was stationary and towing a trailer loaded with fireworks.

At around 10 p.m., the semi-truck collided with the rear of the parked pickup truck for reasons not detailed in reports. This collision triggered the ignition of the fireworks, leading to a startling and unplanned display. The fireworks, lighting up the night sky, created a scene reminiscent of a grand Fourth of July celebration, as described by Sergeant Mike Sargent from the Hope Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Witnesses to this extraordinary event provided vivid descriptions. Ryan Kuhn, who captured footage of the incident, showcased the brilliant fireworks display in the night sky. Monica De Roo, another witness driving on Highway 1 with her husband, recounted the explosion as loud, aggressive, and startling. The fireworks suddenly intensified as they approached the accident site, forcing them to accelerate through the chaos. Despite the frightening experience, De Roo admitted it was the most impressive fireworks show she had ever seen.

Shaw, another bystander, echoed this sentiment, stating they had never seen anything like the spectacle before them. Kendra Bergen described the experience as a “roller coaster of emotions,” from the initial thrill of the grand display to realizing the danger and concern for those involved in the accident.

The highway, a vital corridor connecting Canada’s east and west, was closed for approximately an hour until the fireworks ceased. Fortunately, both drivers involved in the crash escaped their vehicles without serious harm, although one was later hospitalized with minor injuries.

The origin and intended destination of the fireworks, whether for private use or sale, remained undisclosed by the authorities. While creating a visually stunning scene, the accident highlighted the unforeseen dangers and consequences of transporting such explosive materials.