Voters Expect Something Bad On 2024

Claims of electoral fraud, which used to be met with skepticism from the vast majority of voters, are now widely believed to be true by most voters. They think electoral fraud has occurred in previous elections and will continue to appear in future elections.

A sizeable majority of voters also feel that state and federal officials have ignored claims of rampant election fraud and cheating, a scenario that has gained prominence since the national election 2020, which President Joe Biden won.

According to the most recent survey from Rasmussen, released on Wednesday, 56% of respondents felt that officials have been disregarding claims of cheating that have influenced the outcomes. This comprises 44% of Democrats and 74% of Republicans.

In addition, 52% of probable voters, according to the study previewed for Secrets, feel that cheating had a role in the midterm elections of 2022, which resulted in a significantly smaller win for Republicans than polls had anticipated. Even 41% of Democrats shared this viewpoint.

Fears that it will continue are evident, mainly as the country turns its attention to the elections in 2024 and the efforts by Democrats to remove election integrity standards put in place by states headed by Republicans.

According to Rasmussen, most respondents (54%) think that election fraud would “affect the outcome” of the 2024 vote. National surveys now have Biden and former President Donald Trump in the lead for their respective parties’ nomination races.

According to the poll, thirty percent of respondents rated cheating as “very likely.” The fact that almost half of Democrats (46%) and over two-thirds of Republicans (69%!) anticipate election fraud in 2024 is a concerning indicator that Americans will be dissatisfied with the results.

Even while there is widespread agreement that election fraud occurs, there is far less consensus over who is more responsible. When asked which party they trusted more to safeguard the fairness of elections, people gave the Republican Party 40% of the vote while Democrats received 39%. Even independent voters were widely split. They favored Republicans over Democrats by a margin of 37% to 28%, while 34% of respondents said they were “not sure.”

And it’s not just senior citizens who feel the elections aren’t on the up and up. Younger voters also feel this way. 

According to Rasmussen, “Suspicions of election cheating are highest among voters under the age of 40.”