Video Shows Deer And People Hiding From Rain Together

The cutest and most adorable video was shared recently, according to The Daily Caller, the right-wing news site kickstarted by Tucker Carlson. The news day might have been slow, but entertainment is always around. Such was the case last week when a family of deer was captured on video taking shelter from the rain in Nara, Japan.

The video surprised some because the herd of deer was waiting out the rain with humans walking around. One person could also be seen taking a selfie with a deer sitting down. There were about 20 deer in the video. 

The author of this article mentioned that in the United States, deer would not take shelter with humans because our bus stops are filled with mentally ill and homeless people. Besides, she says, Americans are “stupid and rude” and would “probably try to take dangerously-invasive selfies.” 

She continues to say that animals would not do this in America because they know that Americans are aggressive, citing an example of when park rangers killed a baby bison after a man allegedly helped it cross a river. When there is human interference, the wildlife is likely to reject their offspring, which appeared to be the case here. 

When authorities had trouble reuniting the calf with the herd, they instead opted to kill it. Yellowstone National Park Service is now trying to find the man that helped the calf to place the blame for its death on him. 

The hard-cutting journalism of Daily Caller reveals that anytime a person kills an animal he is playing God, which is “downright disgusting.” But although nature has managed well without human interference, she also suggests that the rangers should have instead nursed the calf at home or taken it to a sanctuary.