Video Captures Influencer Couple Threatening Unruly Child On Flight

The question of whether a woman and her spouse were justified in threatening to chastise a stranger’s child for spitting on them while traveling on an airplane has generated the usual online outcome — disagreement. 

On a crowded Atlanta to Denver connector flight, Shayla Monnier and her husband Andrew sat behind a couple with their little daughter, who they estimated to be three to five years old.

For the majority of the journey, the kid had been sleeping between her parents, but when she woke up, she stood up on the seat and started blowing raspberries at the pair, raining spittle and defying the parent’s half-hearted efforts to stop her. Monnier said her husband “lost his cool” and threatened to take charge of their child if they wouldn’t or couldn’t. She was taken aback by the online backlash when she posted her story.

Whatever an issue, there will always be a good amount of people who will take the opposite side of an argument just for the sport of it. They are called trolls. Most reasonable people would think that parents allowing a child to spray their saliva on strangers is a public nuisance, particularly in an age where the transfer of bodily fluids has been deemed a biohazard. The husband actually asked the lax and masked parents to put a mask on the child. His mother shot back, saying that if he had children, he’d understand.

The husband informed the lady that he had five children and six grandchildren and promised her not one of them would spit on people.

Thousands of comments praised and criticized Monnier and offered suggestions for what she might have done differently flooded her TikTok profile. 

At one point, the flight attendant heard the arguing and came over to tell the parents to mask their child. The young child fell back asleep for the remainder of the flight.

Monnier, her spouse, and the third person in their row received free miles from the flight attendant.