UN Women Redacts Its Statement Condemning Hamas Violence

On October 7, after weeks of remaining silent, the United Nations Women (UNW) finally released a statement denouncing the horrific assaults by Hamas. They called the Hamas sneak attack “brutal.” They called for the immediate release of the hostages.

But then, the U.N. Women subsequently removed the statement and substituted one that did not criticize Hamas.

As a result of what they see as the UNW’s biased reaction to the assaults on October 7 by Hamas, Jewish women’s groups have been putting increasing pressure on the UNW.

United Nations Women have since demanded more fuel and humanitarian help for Gaza and pushed for an end to the fighting there permanently. In its annual 16-day campaign, the premier women’s organization of the United Nations is currently at the forefront of raising awareness about gender-based violence. The backtracking on denouncing Hamas, however, reveals a troubling stance.

Following fifty days of silence over the heinous crimes committed against Israeli women, U.N. Women reaffirmed its support for Palestinian women on Saturday, saying that they are worried about the safety of girls and women in Gaza and that they must be protected from violence in any form.

The UNW X account came under fire this week for their tone-deaf response. Even the molestations of Israeli children at the hands of Hamas terrorists were framed through the lens of their condemnation of gender-based violence.

Many people took to social media to point out the capitulation to Hamas. Some United States senators sent a letter criticizing the organization for how long it took to denounce the incident.

A bipartisan letter was published by members of Congress, headed by Young Kim (R-Calif.) and Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D-Fla.), criticizing the organization for their “one-sided approach” to the matter in response to the United Nations Women’s silence on Hamas.

Deputy Director Sarah Hendriks of the United Nations Office for Women skillfully avoided mentioning Hamas while also stating that the UN supports an “impartial, independent probe” into the assaults.