UN Reports Mass Slaughter Of Sudanese People

Hundreds of people were killed in an attack by Arab militias in a town in Sudan. The attack occurred in Ardamata in West Darfur province in mid-November and lasted several days. A United Nations report claims that militants rampaged through the town, killing more than 800.

Sudan is engulfed in a bloody war between the Sudanese military and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The war broke out in April when a military coup removed a transitional government. The previous government, led by Omar al-Bashir, collapsed in 2019, and a fragile coalition ran the country until the coup.

Initial peace talks, brokered by the US and Saudi Arabia, broke down without a ceasefire agreement, but the parties returned to the negotiating table in October.

The attack in Ardamata occurred after the RSF took command of a military base and government troops fled. Salah Tour, leader of the Sudanese Doctor’s Union in West Darfur, said RSF gunmen then attacked the town and killed its non-Arab residents. “They went from house to house, killing and detaining people,” he said, adding that they specifically targeted people from the African Masalit tribe.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said at least 8,000 people managed to flee to neighboring Chad. Mr. Grandi added that he feared the situation in Sudan would escalate and mirror “terrible atrocities and human rights violations” witnessed in the region two decades ago.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, former leader of the armed forces, heads a council of generals that has led Sudan since the military coup of 2021. Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo leads the RSF and accuses al-Burhan of running a government of “radical Islamists.” He said he wants to give the Sudanese people the democracy “for which they have so long yearned.”

General al-Burhan insists he will only stand down in favor of a democratically elected government, but critics say he is allied with ex-President Bashir and maintains power for personal enrichment.