TX Brings Down Hammer On Charity Accused Of Migrant Smuggling

On February 20th, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton petitioned a state court to order the closure of an organization that provides sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. Paxton accused the organization of aiding smugglers by hiding the migrants from authorities and facilitating their further dispersion inside the United States.

According to the attorney general’s letter, Annunciation House’s ability to operate in Texas has been legally revoked.  Paxton said that the organization, headquartered in El Paso, violates many state statutes that make smuggling a crime. Its leaders refuse to let investigators examine their activities.

According to their website, Annunciation House is a volunteer-run organization in El Paso, Texas. It welcomes refugees, travelers, and immigrants, emphasizing helping those most in need on the border.

According to Paxton, when it comes to helping illegal immigrants in the US, the Biden administration is putting a lot of faith in NGOs. These organizations have received hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to help with housing and transportation. The NGO provides refuge and transportation to illegal immigrants who did not pass the border’s catch-and-release processes, and they advise migrants to submit fraudulent asylum claims.

The Attorney General has been keeping tabs on Annunciation House and has uncovered clandestine plots to conceal the truth. Paxton’s new accusations were submitted as a counterclaim after Annunciation House had sought a temporary injunction.

Heritage Foundation research shows that Biden’s relaxed immigration policies have made human trafficking far worse. Convictions for trafficking rose by 80% in the previous fiscal year, while the number of trafficking arrests rose by 50%. The vast majority of whom are in the country illegally are 72% of trafficking victims.

According to Heritage’s referenced research from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, 60 percent of Unaccompanied Children (UAC) are taken in by drug cartels and used for child pornography and other forms of exploitation. In 2023, more than 150,000 UACs entered the US.