Tucker Carlson’s Next Mission Finally Revealed

Tucker Carlson is a man of integrity.

Even after his life-changing departure from Fox News, Carlson is honoring his prior obligations made while he was still flying high.

Former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” anchor and ratings king Tucker Carlson will be in Alabama on Thursday for a charity event. And it’s not the usual appearance by a celebrity to prop up the chances of a local politician running for office.

Oxford lies in the northeastern region of Alabama, and Carlson is going there to speak on behalf of Rainbow Omega, a residential care center for people with mental health issues. The benefit will take place at the Oxford Performing Arts Center. Carlson’s appearance was scheduled months before it was revealed he would leave Fox News abruptly.

Rainbow Omega director Tim Hodge said, ‘Carlson will be here.’

The announcement of his ousting the week prior was utterly unexpected.

Hodge claims Carlson’s forced retirement from Fox News has only enhanced the public’s desire to see him. He said whenever you secure a speaker from the political world, with the country’s current political discord, you can be assured there’s a lot of interest. To put it mildly, according to Hodge, the level of excitement has risen. 

We’re excited to have him at our fundraiser and have him help us raise money, Hodge exclaimed.

The Oxford Performing Arts Center has seating for over 1,200 people. After Carlson left Fox, about 500 people bought Rainbow Omega benefit tickets.

Although Carlson’s attendance at the fundraiser was planned before he departed from Fox, he has indicated that he plans to continue his career in political commentary independently of the network.

Since replacing Bill O’Reilly in the 8 p.m. primetime slot at Fox, Tucker Carlson has dominated the ratings for cable news programs. He has received employment offers from other networks but has not disclosed his future plans in the media.