Tucker Carlson Reportedly Ready To Go After Fox News

Sources say that Tucker Carlson has plans to unleash allies to attack Fox News to pressure the network into allowing him to work.

A close friend of Carlson’s revealed that people are asking Tucker directly whether or not he wants them to assault Fox. “He keeps replying, ‘No. I need to finish this quickly and quietly.”

But he also says he is prepared to go from peacetime to Defcon 1 if he is not free soon.

Carlson, 53, wants to launch, or partner, his own media empire but can’t until Fox releases him from his contract, which ends in January 2025. The ex-Fox personality has reportedly been approached by other media sites offering him higher compensation than his existing contract.

But he can’t leave Fox until after the 2025 presidential election, and his contract isn’t up until January of that year.

Fox News is concerned that Carlson would take his estimated 3.5 million faithful viewers to Newsmax or another major competitor to Fox News.

According to an insider familiar with how discussions with major Fox stars have gone in the past, Fox would undoubtedly insist on banning Mr. Carlson from joining a cable news competition in any agreement.

Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Trish Regan, and Dan Bongino, formerly of Fox News, are now all free agents in the media industry.

Carlson’s fans claim Fox is already conducting a savage smear campaign to portray its former host as a misogynist and racist by utilizing hacked texts and video clips of him.

Now it looks like Carlson’s camp is getting ready to drop some dirt on Fox.

Someone close to Carlson said the host “knows where many bodies are buried and is ready to ”start drawing a map.”

In the background, Carlson and Elon Musk reportedly discuss working together, but specifics are not forthcoming.

The extent to which Carlson can keep his “war” against the firm “quiet and clean” is yet to be determined. 

Besides a brief video to his followers saying, “See you soon,” the former broadcaster has provided few details about his plans.