Tucker Carlson Biographer Says Fox News Cancelled Him

In a series of tweets posted on Sunday night, Chadwick Moore, a contributing editor at The Spectator and the author of an upcoming biography of Tucker Carlson, claimed that he had been “canceled” by Fox News.

Moore announced he was no longer “allowed” on Fox because he sinned writing a book about Tucker Carlson.

In addition to declaring that he’s been banished from the network, he said that he had been told in private by Fox News employees that their hosts and anchors have been told not to even utter the name ‘Tucker’ on air. 

Moore said it was the truth, and if anyone wanted to know why he wasn’t on the May 31 program, they should ask Greg Gutfeld. 

The author claimed that Fox had adopted a new policy barring most guests from advertising their books on the network and prohibiting references to Carlson on air. The new rule is that they won’t promote any guest’s book unless HarperCollins publishes it. (Rupert Murdoch owns both Fox and Harper Collins.)

Moore said it’s all so funny, yet gross, that Fox will only have authors who have written for Fox as guests. Fox News will not allow you to market your book unless Fox News Publishing is also the book’s publisher.

He noted that the leftist corporate media first canceled him, and now the suitable corporate media has done the same thing.

Moore said last week that he could confirm that Fox had dismissed Tucker Carlson the previous month due to the $787.5 billion settlement with Dominion Voting Systems for fraudulent assertions made about it on many Fox shows, including Tucker Carlson Tonight. 

If that is true, says Moore, Dominion has silenced the most influential conservative pundit in the U.S.

Fox claims Carlson was not dismissed. Dominion claims it never asked Fox to change its programming as part of their settlement.